The Perfect Outfit to Increase your Self-esteem!

Someone once told me that “Sometimes all it takes is a change of clothing to change your perception on what is beautiful”.

As humans we can be extremely hard on ourselves to fit what society deems as perfect. Can I tell you there is no such thing! 
Every one you know has some form of insecurity even the person you view as Flawless. For me it took after giving birth to my two baby boys for my self esteem to hit rock bottom and I never thought I would be able to find a way out of that feeling. 

What helped me during this time was a whole lot of self affirmations. I had to tell myself that I am beautiful and I am worthy. No one deserves the right to label me, I am in charge of my own labels and who doesn’t like me could take it up with Jesus! 
Daily devotional Scriptures like Ephesians 2:10 that told me I am His Masterpiece! These affirmations put your mind and heart at ease. The ultimate game changer was a pamper day for myself, Even if you are a guy go out there and take care of yourself do what makes you feel happy. 

I called up my girls got a manicure an pedicure got my hair and makeup done but the game changer was a cute little dress from hunni!!!! 
I felt like the Bahamian Cinderella. Go ahead buy yourself a new outfit and Transform yourself from feeling down to feeling like a Diva. You won’t regret it!

Always remember you are Beautiful JUST the way you are, You are Worthy, You are in charge of your destiny. Pray, meditate, go after dreams and goals and allow God to do the rest.


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